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For one reason or another, you have stumbled upon my writings. The logical question that you, the reader, should ask concerns the validity of the material in which shall fill this space, generally known as a blog.
And here, dear reader, is my reason.

You should not consider anything I say to be truth. From this point forward, I do not guarantee truth in anything I say. And even if I did, how reliable could I be just by saying that I am reliable?
However, the idea of questioning truth is appealing to humans. We, especially the young people of earth who are "growing up," have a desire to be rebellious. The "I do what I want" mentality, the independent ideology. And what is more rebellious than to question truth?
So read on, my reader...read on.

We are obsessed with discovering treasure. This really hit home when I saw "National Treasure: Book of Secrets." After watching it, I realized that this idea of huge, all encompassing treasure engulfs our society. No, not our society. People in general. Legends of vasts treasures, cities of gold, or hidden mines flowing with riches pollute our history. It was a driving force behind European exploration: building ships to go get gold and riches beyond belief. Along with history, there some wonderful legends that just kind of solidify the idea that humans are obsessed with treasure. Here are some links: US Treasure, Treasure in the Eastern Hemisphere, Costa Rica

A few questions came to mind. Why are we so obsessed? Why do we think that there IS some vast wealth? Where would such a treasure be? And then recently, a new question came up: is the treasure mentioned in the stories gold, or is it something else? Then things like "The Fountain of Youth" come to mind. So perhaps gold is simply a metaphor for something valuable. Someday cash will decompose and gold will lose its luster. What then?

When all else fails, only one thing remains. Truth. Isn't it? I mean, isn't that what we're looking for, what is truth?

No. In fact, few people even care about truth anymore. Well, not absolute truth, anyway. The idea of relative truth has seeped into modern philosophy like...um...something really seep-y.
Anyway. Belief in absolute truth is dieing. people have settled for the much easier idea of choosing one's own truth. The absurdity of this can be seen in the example of believing that it is ok to punch someone else in the nose. If the relevance of this is lost to you, go punch someone in the nose and convince them that it's ok because YOU felt it was right.

So DO we seek truth? Is that what we really are after, desiring to to see through the proverbial fog and separate fact from fiction? Is our obsession after treasure really just a search for absolute truth?

No. Truth is not the end goal. It is merely a by-product of the goal.

So the question remains: what is the end goal?

That, my friend, is the purpose of this blog. To explain what I think, why I think it, and how it is relevant and makes sense.