The Sun will come out Tomorrow

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We live in a society that is run by the clock. Time is our sadistic master. We are never satisfied with the time we have, but we continue on, in hopes of something better. In America, we push ourselves at a remarkable rate. We get up when it's still dark, go to our job or school all day, then work until its dark again. And during that time, we fall into the same pattern. It's different for everyone, yet its also the same. We wake up and start our day, then go about our business, then finish our day. With the same people, do the same tasks, making the same small talk, "enjoying" the same monotony. We live life with people that are barely more than single-serving friends, yet how often do we take the time to get to know them? They are just another part of our schedule, bent on...what?

Think about it for a moment. Where are you going? Whether you like it or not, you are going somewhere. Right now, you are working on doing something with your life. But what are you doing, and why are you doing it? So that you can live a happy life, perhaps. You go to school, majoring in something you like, and then what? You don't get the job you wanted, so you just find some job. Maybe in an office, maybe living in the Land of Cubicles. Then work too hard to earn money you don't need and buy stuff you don't really even want. Is THAT what you're working so hard for? Just think.

Now imagine that you're NOT living for that. Imagine that you're living for a REASON.

We live a paradox of irony. We know that ahead of us is heaven. And this SHOULD give us the hope to live on (this would require an entirely different post. Which will probably happen sometime soon). We know that heaven is greater than anything on earth and that we need to live for heavenly wealth, not earthly pleasure (Matthew6:19). This means we need to distance ourselves from anything pleasurable on this earth, focusing only on life eternal. Right? That's what we are taught in our quaint little churches: be a good Christian, deny pleasure, and you'll get you're reward in heaven.

O church, when will you learn?
O people, when will you think?

God gave us the desire to find pleasure. He wants us to find pleasure in the things of this earth. But evil has corrupted what was once pure and shameless and has caused disgusting versions of what was beautiful. God intended for the joys of this life to be a foretaste of the Kingdom. Not to be a substitute, nor to be avoided. We are to enjoy wholesome pleasure, but we are not meant to abuse it or assume that it cannot get better.

We live in pursuit of Heaven. For now, we may enjoy life...no...we NEED to enjoy life. To deny pleasure is to deny what God has made for us. But we can never, ever, lose focus of Heaven. Obsession for Heaven should drive us forward, reminding us that if we put up with this life for just a little longer, we can have all that God wants for us.

So for now, live, laugh, love, enjoy. Work your hardest now, because a day will come when you can look back and you will see the things that could have been. But never take life so seriously that you can't enjoy it, and so denying God's gifts.

And here, dear reader, I will stop for now. Live as though today is good, but tomorrow is better. Tomorrow is not in this life, it comes with the immortality of Heaven.
Give all and expect nothing back. But have HOPE that every good thing you do now will be reward ten-fold tomorrow.