Hello, and, Once Again, Welcome

I got philosophical again...

Why are we here?
What do you do?

The other night, I was getting ready to fall asleep, when three thoughts came to mind. and had it not been 3:30am, I would have written my note then. But sleep beckoned me, and I willingly answered.

But these thoughts...these three thoughts..were this: Life is Short; Speak Loudly; Love Freely.

And now to elaborate.

We live in a place where we are rushed around, constantly on the move. We get up early to go to work or to school. We grab our coffee on the way out the door, we grab a handful of cereal, we rush out the door. We sit in class or at work, doing things we've been trained to do or, more likely, BS-ing our way through it. Then we come back to our comfortable home and eat pre-made food to ease a little stress off of our lives. And then we finish up our work, stay up too late watching TV, and go to bed after we meant to. Then we repeat. No real breaks, no true relaxation. We rush around from place to place, but what for?
In America, we are constantly pummeled with the idea that life is short, so we need to take advantage of it. But what does that even mean? Is that just an advertisement for insomnia? Why is it bad to be ill-rested, just for the sake of getting everything done in one day?
Perhaps, instead of just trying to make more time, we should make better time. Quality over quantity?

Ok, so life is short. Are we now damned to its shortness, never to harness what time we DO have?
I think not. I think we need to know how to use the time and what is most important.

I am not an expert. Let's be honest...I have no professional experience of any kind except in making coffee.


Speak your mind. Don't be afraid to say how you feel. But also think before you speak. Careful words from a sage are more profitable than the ramblings of a fool. It's good to have opinions, but you must have some reason for them if you want people to respect them. There is nothing wrong with having a feeling...but its also not bad to question your feelings.
Why do you feel that way or think that thought? Is it simply because that was the first idea you heard, or because you truly believe it? An argument without reason is no more than an opinion, and anyone can form an opinion. However, someone worth listening to has reason.
As such, I give you permission (if you would like it): Be yourself! Tell people how you feel! But THINK, for God's sake! Ingest, synthesize, redistribute. On this crazy ball of planet that kills all its experiments, there isn't enough time to keep your thoughts to yourself. Everyone has something that needs to be heard. But who will know unless you tell someone?

Love. That terribly wonderful paradox. I won't try to explain it...I'm only human, after all. And a male, at that.
But what little I do know is this: don't be afraid to love. Be cautious, but don't fear. If you fear love, you won't get it. If you are timid with giving your love, then timidly will you receive it. Don't be afraid to give your all and get hurt. Unless you take that chance to fail, you can't succeed. You can dream, but you can't have.
And dream. O please dream! Dream big! Dream of anything you can imagine. Because you're dreams are all you have.
Wait, what? NO!
That is a lie! You're dreams do NOT cease at the end of the night!
You have a dream...and who can take that away from you? Who are you to deny yourSELF of your own dream?
I am not normal. I accept that. I love that. I dream...big. I know what i desire. And I now know what that is. I used to be content with a dream and a "if I succeed and maybe my dream will come true." But I was wrong. When I had tasted the sweetness that exceeds IF...when I saw what my life would be like with that dream come true...I could not...can not...turn away. I can no longer idly accept my fate. I now know that whatever lies ahead, it will not be because it came to me. It will happen because I went to it!

Life will come at whatever pace it may. And you will get whatever life may grant you...whatever fortune, for good or ill.
But I am not content with being the same. I am not happy with living a boring life, full of wishes and hopes, but no chance of success. I cannot live by merely accepting.
I will live by taking. If my dream will not passively come to me, then I will actively claim it.

Imagine, for a minute, your dream. Dream big! Don't keep it real! Again, I will say: DON'T KEEP IT REAL! Imagine..think...love.
It's good to be rational, but sometimes it takes irrationality to get beyond the limits of normalcy.

I recently discovered that it's ok to think with your heart sometimes. Not at the risk of losing your mind...but at the sight of attaining your dream.

May your dream come swift. May it be all that you hoped for. But may you be required to fight hard for it. Long, hard, and gruesome. But in the end, it will be worth it.
May your desires be your deepest dreams, and may you be ready for whatever may come. For if it is not by your choosing, I pray that you take...no...master it soon.
May it be wild, vicious...and everything that you hoped for.

Dive in with your heart, but stay alive with your mind.