Weapons of Mass Destruction

It's been a while. O well. Here we go.

I had this thought for the past week that I was going to write about, and then I didn't feel like writing about it. So I'm making this up as I go...as usual.

What is strength? Is it anything more than a comparison to other people? Isn't that what all descriptions are? Just simple comparisons to other people?

In that sense we decide what descriptions mean.

So I warn you, be careful with your words, not blindly through words out, but carefully considering them. Those who control their tongue control their body. Words can create, they can destroy.

Don't say anything unless you sincerely mean it. Sometimes your word is all you have, and if you can't keep your word you can keep nothing. Integrity is an art that seems to be forgotten.

Be remembered. Be different. It is the only way to live forever on this earth.

One cannot give their word until they have learned to keep it. But what good is your word if you keep it to yourself?

And with that bunch of random thoughts, I leave you.
Read if you will, synthesize if you can, comment if you have a keyboard.