The Great Big Conspiracy of Life

To start off: Wall·e is amazing. And you should go see it now.

So the other day I was looking at my Facebook friend's recently joined groups, and i noticed a peculiar discussion. It is entitled "Is Water and Alternative Fuel Source?".
Some of the "well educated" comments:
YES! its a SECRET the Oil Companies would not like to discuss with you. As far as possible YOU should be clueless about it. WHY? it's CHEAPER than their GASOLINE ..that's why."
-"i dream of a day when well have nuclear reactors in our cars personally ;)"
-"...portable cherynobles"
-"You're out of your mind if you think Brazil's society is more "sustainable" than ours. We do not illegally destroy millions of acres a day of the most biodiverse oxygen-producing forests on the planet. We may SPONSOR it by our consumer choices, but per capita i guarantee Brazil's deforesting and general polluting is far worse than the USA's."
-"trains are were steam powered that means you have to use coal so .....no your dumb"

You get the idea. [with sarcasm] These are obviously some VERY WELL thought out ideas from economic, environmental, and scientific experts.

Part of this has to do with the Forum Effect: that forums will, almost always, get off topic and end with unimplementable solutions or name-calling. Usually both.

But I have a hard time with the central conflict of this topic: that oil companies are keeping this big secret from the general public. This...almost desire for something big and secret is slightly confusing. It seems that people feel as though there is more to life than life. It is assumed that everyone has a hidden agenda, that the government keeps secrets from us (just to keep us ignorant), and that people lie and gossip to keep information to themselves. People think that everything is more than it appears to be.

We, as humans, are always searching for more. We appear to never be satisfied with how things are...always seeking what will be (or what we want to be). Most people aspire to be more affluent. But money loses its initial fulfillment after having it. And no matter how much you have, or how many things you own, you will want more.
People are always trying to be better. Olympic athletes do not just settle for running "well." They are happy if they win. But they REALLY want to set a world record. But records can always be broken.

So what is this Big Conspiracy of Life? What is the big secret that is being kept from us? The secret of happiness, eternal youth, or maybe even limitless wealth?
And who is keeping it? Is it the oil companies, the government, the UN...who?

The answer is very anti-climactic. But it is the truth.

There is no secret. The greatest secret of life is that there IS NO big secret. Life is what it appears to be at face value. No one is keeping a big, life-changing secret from you. And any secrets out there, I bet, are not the big ones you imagined they were.

Yes, yes, at the end of reading all that I must spoil it by telling you that there IS no big secret. But imagine the implications. Imagine the freedom you now have. You now have the power to take things at (and only at) face value. When your boy/girlfriend tells you something , don't assume they mean something else. Believe them! When your parents, your boss, your teacher, your friend...anyone...tells you something, don't assume that they REALLY mean something else.

No, people do not think like this. And if you go around believing anything someone tells you, bad things will happen. But it won't hurt to trust. To take that first step that so few are willing to take, for fear of...anything. Perhaps fear of being first? Fear of standing out? Fear of...being different?

I suppose that we could all resign to continue as we have. But i think we can be different. We can try to just look at the face value, and not always read between the lines.

In closing, a quote that is attributed to Sigmund Frued:
"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"