I didn't want to use the overstated Dark Knight line. But it was just too fitting. *shrugs*

So I've noticed something interesting. And this may sound really dumb to some of you, but it kind of astounded me. Humor is...amusing. It's mechanics are very simple. It involves making someone laugh. That's it. But the effects of it are almost ridiculous.

Person A makes person B laugh. Person B is happy. But it doesn't just stop there. If Person B continues to think that Person A is HUMOROUS, then B's entire outlook of A is changed. Whenever A is around, B will automatically be in a better mood. Also, B is apt to think more highly of and respect A.

The list goes on. But by being humorous, one can completely alter how someone views you. I find this incredible. All you do is make someone laugh. And frequently this results in the other person thinking highly of you. Even if your words are empty and worthless.

This is why we care so much about what celebrities think. Most of them make us laugh. So we "care" about what they say.

Part of this is biological. I found this Google Answer on laughter particularly enlightening. Basically laughter really is the "cure all." But is there more to us so desperately seeking laughter than just a biological reaction?

Well, here comes The River.

Is humor the BEST option for obtaining good relations?

It is easy to make someone laugh. Everyone likes laughing, but anyone can make others laugh. Some are better than others, but it's a pretty universal skill. So again. Is humor the best method of getting people to like you?

I wish there was a specific answer. But there is not. However, the real question is not "is humor best," but "what do i want to do with people?"

If all you want is to make people think you're some sort of demi-god that can eternally make them laugh, and that's all you want, then sure. Laughter is enough. But if you want to actually care about someone, laughter is not enough. It is only a small tool in the method of building relationships.

But, again, it's all up to you. Like almost anything, laughter is beautiful in it's own right, but can be thoroughly abused by humans for their own vile purposes.

And to you, I leave the choice of how to use humor. Choose wisely, for no one knows how many chances you have.