Time: More Fatal Than Oxygen

I had an interesting discussion with a good friend the other day. We were talking about theories of time travel and I was making up something about how "all you had to do" was make time equal to a function of the earth's volume, as time is the fourth dimension, volume being the third. And she cleverly noted that time is more than just a measurement. She went on even further and said that because we do not really understand time, we kind of push it to the side and ignore it.

I thought about this for a while, and I wondered how much we really DO know about time.

I just finished watching Donnie Darko. I really enjoyed it, but it made me think of this whole time issue again. How was Donnie able to travel through time to a specific day without going into the wormhole, and how did he know that changing his decision would keep Gretchen alive?

So I wonder: what is time? What does it mean to travel through it?
Obviously we are traversing time right now, going forward at a constant rate of 60 minutes an hour. Is time just a measure of duration?

Time is like air. We will die without it, but ultimately it kills us. Oxygen is not a safe chemical. The oxygen in water combines with metal and rusts it. This renders a typically strong metal to a state of uselessness. Excessive oxygen results in "oxygen toxicity," which is damaging to optic nerves and eventually damages the brain.

Time also kills. Some people die before time can take its toll, but only two people (Enoch and Elijah) have entirely evaded time. But even they could not master time, bend it to their will.

So where am I going with this. Here we have it.

Time is a theory killer. Theories look great in concept design. But because they are theories, we never know what really happens. Astronomers and physicists have all the calculations and measurements to determine what happens when one goes through a black hole, but they don't REALLY know what happens because they have never personally gone.

We have all the theory to support time as a relation of space. But there are calculations that support 26 or more dimensions. But since no one has even mastered the fourth, I say forget about the other 22 until we get this one down solid.

Here we are. The solid explanation of time is hinted at in business. "Time is money." So very close. But this statement assumes that money is the center of the given universe.

Time is a commodity. We are each awarded "some" at birth, though not one person knows how much he or she have. I have no advice on where to use it, or how much to use where. But I know two things:
1) Time is like Counter-Strike. There is no respawning and death is final.
2) Time is like a coin. There is only one. And I suggest you spend it wisely, lest someone spend it for you.