A story teller does more than tell stories. A story teller creates.

It is more than just a way of relaying events. It is a way of displacing ideas, thoughts, desires, and emotions. When I tell a story, it usually is for the purpose of informing, as well as creating an environment that is pleasurable. Story telling is my music. Most people play or listen to music to create their optimized situation. I tell stories. I paint pictures. I sculpt. I decipher. I manipulate. They are all the same.

Many people thrive in the details. They plan how each atom will run into the others. Not I. People such as myself generalize. I learned long ago that the details will happen if the main ideas are set in place. For example. I'll soon be packing for school and moving back in. I will pack my belongings and transfer them. But I have no clue how I'll put them in the car. And I haven't any idea how I will arrange my room. The car will pack as things fit, and my room will get arranged by necessity as well as convenience.

Stories are my escape. When I tell a story, a take myself and whoever is listening to a new place. And I make that. I make it whatever I, or the listner(s), want it to be. That is my art work. And like all artists, I have masterpieces that I display time and time again. And also like an artist, I never "finish" something...it always needs improving. Unlike the artist, I can easily improve my work everytime it is shown. You'll probably hear me tell the same story more than once. And you'll probably notice that things change. Like any story teller, I embellish. But that is the nature of what I do. It is a controversy that plagues all relays of information, be it stories, art, music, history. Do I tell what happened, or what almost happened?

Such is life. Do we accept life as we have it, or search for something better?

I tell stories. They don't always have a happy ending. But they always have the ending that they're supposed to have.

So maybe that makes them happy in their own way.


Kimmy said...

Masterpiece = poop in a bag.

Amber said...

agreed with Kimmy.