I was thinking earlier today. I was thinking about a powerful word. The word "is."

Most of us take this word for granted, the use as a helping verb being quite appealing and convenient. But this word conveys far more than that. Allow me to explain.

verb. third person singular for of the word "be."

Obviously this led me to a search of the word "be." My two favorite entries are as follows:
1) "having the quality of being"
2) "exist"

There is good chance that, at this point (if not before), you are wondering why I am making such a point about this word "is." Great question. But I won't answer that directly yet. Allow me to look deeper at what it means when something "is."

"Is" demands facts. It will not put up with theory or suggestion, it wants the cold, hard facts. When you desire sound knowledge that cannot be shaken, "is" will be there to support you. If you were to look for something, you wouldn't want to the general location...you'd want to know where it IS. When wondering the state of a person, I ask how that person IS. Not how he or she feels, theoretically. Criminologists want to know what a criminal's motive IS, not the off-hand guesses and stabs in the dark.

This word is abused. "How IS your life?" That statement has power. Instead, we treat it like a greeting. "Oh, I'm fine." But that word IS had usage. And the proper response should be given. "What IS your name?" A person's name defines the person to the deepest extent. When a person's name is defamed, it ruins them. Identity theft is a desire to take all that a person has...all that is entitled to that person's name. And IS demands an answer worthy of recognition.

Why do I mention this? What purpose does this word have that I should give it so much mention?

I want to know how things ARE. I want to do more than breathe, I want to exist. I want to have the quality of being. Some movies use black and white to show depression, while using color to show life. I want to live in color. When something happens, I want to see it as it IS, not as I want it to be or how someone else tells me. The truth is my main desire. WAS doesn't matter. WILL doesn't matter. WILL can change. WAS may affect IS, but it's not IS. While the past can help foresee the future, it can also blind one to the present.

To BE is to live a life worthy of recognition and rememberance. Going and doing aren't enough. I want to BE. I want to EXIST.

I want to experience the essence of IS.

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